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    Advanced Packaging Technology

    Cyntec’s technology platform of Electronic Materials Packaging for High Power Circuits, Heat Sink Design Simulation and High Current Metal Lead Frame, allowed us to produce a wide variety of Power Modules.

    Embedded substrate lamination material
    Copper lead frame surface treatment
    Ceramic substrate for direct copper bonding
    Encapsulation molding compound

    Design & Simulation:
    Power topology design and optimization
    Multi-physics coupling co-simulation
    Molding cavity design and mold ¬flow simulation

    Embedded active/passive 3D packaging
    Thin lm photolithography and electroplating
    Encapsulation process (molding, casing, dispensing)
    High density laser drilled via connections
    Au/Al wire bonding interconnection
    High precision die attaching
    High temp soldering SMT and vacuum re¬flow

    Packaging structure (X-ray, De-capsulation)
    Material property (SEM, EDX)
    Semiconductor reliability (EMMI, OBIRCH)
    Adhesion and thermal expansion property analysis
    Thermal conductivity and electrical isolation