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    Technology Platform

    Cyntec has successfully harnessed advanced technologies in the areas of Design, Processing and Material Science, in order to produce a highly integrated and miniaturized product, coupled with an excellent High Quality and Long Term Reliability.

    Widely Diversified Technology Platforms

    Material Science
    Magnetic Material System
    R/L/C Material System
    Thermal Dissipation Material
    Electrode and Electrolyte Material

    Design Technology
    Simulation: Magnetic / Stress / Thermal / Circuit / RF
    Analysis: X-Ray / EDX / SEM / SAT / EMMI / B-H Curve /Core loss / TMA / DSC / TGA / DMA /FTIR / XRD

    Process Technology
    Thin Film Technology
    Thick Film Technology
    Powder Metallurgy Technology
    Advanced Packaging Technology
    LTCC Technology
    Energy Storage Technology